Wibby Brewing crafts American influenced, German style lagers in Longmont, Colorado.


At Wibby Brewing we start with traditional German lager brewing principles and add the American craft twist. Our craft lagers are brewed with German malt, American hops and Rocky Mountain water. Cold fermentation and enhanced conditioning allow for our lagers to be full-flavored with a crisp finish. The tasteful result is a collection of unique American lagers that few breweries in the craft beer community have chosen to explore.

Cans of our Lightshine HellesWibby IPL and Moondoor Dunkel are available in our taproom. Additionally, our seasonals that are currently available are the Lightshine Radler (through end of September) and WIBtoberfest.

Upcoming Releases:
Thursday October 5th - Fresh Hopped Equal Hops
Thursday October 12th - Double Dunkel
Both will be available in cans in our taproom and liquor stores!
Click here to see where you can find our cans.

Have you seen this? If you haven't yet, you might begin to notice this Brewer's Association "Certified, Independent, Craft" seal more and more. 

So, what is the meaning behind it?

Many beer drinkers want to know who makes their beer. The independent craft brewer seal is a handy tool for enthusiasts to easily differentiate beer from craft brewers and beer produced by other, non-craft companies.

Wibby Brewing and our team are proud to be an independent, craft brewery! Look for this seal on our packaging and others to be sure you are buying independent craft beer. 

To read more about the seal, see this article from Craftbeer.com.


wibby ipl


A hop head red lager with a smooth, malt finish & a pungent, citrusy hop aroma. Wibby’s smoother version of your favorite IPA.

abv 7%   IBUs 76

moondooR Dunkel


Supple & crisp, this delectable dark lager has a medium body which starts with a chocolate roast and ends with ordering it again.

abv 5.5%   IBUs 25

lightshine helles


This light, sweet finishing, Bavarian influenced lager will keep you on Wibby Brewing’s patio thirty minutes after you meant to be home from work.

abv 5.5%  IBUs 22


Lightshine Radler - Extended seasonal

ABV 4.5%

Enjoy this refreshing beverage all Summer long! This is our Lightshine Helles with a splash of raspberry lemonade. The perfect combination of sweet and tart. 

6-packs of the Lightshine Radler are available in the taproom and in lots of other places too! Click here to see where you can find it.

Equal Hops APL

ABV 6%   IBUs 35

This refreshing American Pale Lager was brewed with equal parts of cascade and crystal hops. It has caramel notes and a great hop flavor without too much bitterness.


ABV 5.36% Ibus 24

Traditional Märzen style lager that is medium-bodied and amber in color. This Munich style is commonly served at Oktoberfest.

Volksbier Vienna

ABV 5.5%   IBUs 25

This vienna is "the people's lager"! We used all German ingredients for this mild, amber, malty beer. 


abv 5.57%   Ibus 33

A traditional pilsner made with german hops & malt. Smooth, light body with an easy, slightly bitter finish.


ABV 6%   IBUs 27

A dry hopped wheat lager made with crystal hops & of course, brewer’s tears.


Abv 4.2% ibus 21

A sessionable, mildly roasty, mahogany lager. Brewed with traditional English malts & American hops.



ABV 8%   IBUs 24

A strong mahogany lager with notes of dark cherry, caramel & stone fruit brewed with homebrewer Matt White.


On Deck:

Fresh Hopped Equal Hops, Coming 10/5/17

Double Dunkel, coming 10/12/17