Wibby Brewing crafts American influenced, German style lagers in Longmont, Colorado.


At Wibby Brewing we start with traditional German lager brewing principles and add the American craft twist. Our craft lagers are brewed with German malt, American hops and Rocky Mountain water. Cold fermentation and enhanced conditioning allow for our lagers to be bright and full-flavored with a crisp finish. The tasteful result is a collection of unique American lagers that few breweries in the craft beer community have explored.

Cans of our Lightshine HellesWibby IPL, Moondoor Dunkel and our seasonals, Double Dunkel and Lightshine Radler, are available in our taproom! Can't decide? Grab a Lager Love Mix 12-Pack! 
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wibby ipl


abv 7%   IBU 76

A hop head red lager with a smooth, malt finish & a pungent, citrusy hop aroma. Wibby’s smoother version of your favorite IPA.

Beer Advocate rated Wibby IPL 93.

moondooR Dunkel


abv 5.5%   IBU 25

Supple & crisp, this delectable dark lager has a medium body which starts with a chocolate roast and ends with ordering it again.

 Our first  Great American Beer Festival®  medal went to Moondoor Dunkel.

Our first Great American Beer Festival® medal went to Moondoor Dunkel.

 Moondoor Dunkel recently won GOLD in the  Beer Army® Beer Wars!

Moondoor Dunkel recently won GOLD in the Beer Army® Beer Wars!

lightshine helles


abv 5.5%  IBU 22

This light, sweet finishing, Bavarian influenced lager will keep you on Wibby Brewing’s patio thirty minutes after you meant to be home from work.

Beer Advocate rated Lightshine Helles 92.

 Lightshine Helles took home a GOLD at the end of 2017 in the  Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup.

Lightshine Helles took home a GOLD at the end of 2017 in the Pura Vida Indie International Beer Cup.

30594726_1783136955042579_8565081600532938752_o (1).png
 Lightshine Helles took home Bronze in the  2017 Can Can Awards  in the Helles category.

Lightshine Helles took home Bronze in the 2017 Can Can Awards in the Helles category.


Double Dunkel

Abv 7.5%   ibu 31

One of our most popular seasonals, the Double Dunkel is an imperial dunkel brewed with lots of chocolate malt and cacao nibs. We lager it on Madagascar vanilla beans. This is a highly drinkable, slightly dangerous lager that is smooth and has a nice crisp lager finish. Available in 6-packs!


Volksbier Vienna

ABV 5.5%   IBU 25

This vienna is "the people's lager"! We used all German ingredients for this mild, amber, malty beer. This beer took home the silver medal in the Red or Amber Lager Category at the 2018 Frankfurt International Trophy.

Throwing Stones.jpg

ABV 6.5%   IBU 25

To make this steinbier, we superheated granite stones in a fire made from aspen and pine and added them to the mash, which added a touch of smokiness and caramelization. 


abv 4.5%

Lightshine Helles with a splash of house-made raspberry lemonade. Refreshing, delicious and always available in the taproom! Cans of Lightshine Radler will be back at the end of March.

Meat-And-Eggs-Web (1).png

abv 7.8 %  ibu64

A collaboration with Jace Marti of August Schell Brewing Company, Meat and Eggs is a strong, light bodied lager with copious amounts of Hallertau Blanc, Mosaic, Mandarina Bavaria, and Huell Melon hops and lagered on oak chips.


abv 5%  IBUs 38

Wheat beer brewed with sweet orange peel, Centennial, Mosaic, and Cascade hops. Brewed with love by the whole lager family!


abv 8.5%   Ibu 50

Russian Imperial Stout Lager that pours very dark and gives rich flavors of coffee, roasted barley, chocolate and toffee.


ABV 5.5%   IBU 25

Available for a limited time, Coffee Friends is Moondoor Dunkel lagered on Ozo Organic Blend Ground coffee. Smooth and delicious!

Pura Vida.png

abv 6.7%   Ibu 38

Pura Vida will feature some wheat chewiness, caramel notes, and pungent hop aroma. This lager was brewed for a bachelor party of co-founders Ryan Wibby and Ted Risk. Party on, y'all.



abv 7.5%  IBU 36

Dark lager brewed with dark Belgian candy sugar and aged on organic cherries. Brewed with love by the whole lager family!


abv 6.5 % ibu 35

This traditional French spring ale was brewed in collaboration with Station 26 Brewing of Denver. Using Biere de Garde yeast, this was fermented at a warm 72 degrees.


The malt bill for this beer is 40% wheat, which gives this beer a lighter, chewier body.  The Pink Boots hop blend — composed of Palisade, Loral, Citra, Simcoe, and Mosaic hops — was utilized for this beer, which gives it a strong, pungent hop aroma.

9 toed.jpg

9 toed nihilist bottle release

abv 10%  

release date: friday, june 8.

We are releasing four different types of barrel-aged 9 Toed Nihilist, our Russian imperial lager. We will have about 200 bottles of rum-barrel aged; bourbon-barrel aged; and rum-barrel and bourbon-barrel aged with Hotbox Roasters cold-pressed coffee, vanilla beans, cacao nibs.

They will be $15 each, and there will be no limit to how many you can buy.