How it all started

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Wibby Brewing's Co-Founder, Brewmaster, and proud Colorado Native, Ryan Wibby, learned the science of beer making while studying chemistry at Ithaca College in upstate New York. This was his "light bulb" moment; he immediately fell in love with intricacy of brewing and instantly knew his life calling was to start his own brewery.  


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As Ryan began to follow his destiny, he knew he needed some real-world brewing experience. In 2007, he started working as a professional brewer at several different breweries. He gained experience at Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Lancaster, Penn.; Ithaca Beer Company in Ithaca, New York; and Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Ore. At all of these breweries Ryan eagerly performed every possible task. From brewing to packaging, working in the lab to washing kegs, recipe development to serving a pint to thirsty customers, he remained committed. While all these comprehensive experiences were valuable, Ryan still yearned for more. Craving in-depth beer knowledge, the solution was higher education in this field. 


Ryan was accepted to the VLB in Berlin, Germany. There, he completed the six-month Certified Brewmaster Course and four-month internship with the research institute. This is when Ryan had an epiphany moment and saw that there was great opportunity in the American craft beer market with the combination of traditional German brewing techniques and styles coupled with American craft beer ingenuity and creativity. This exciting synthesis creates delicious thirst-quenching beers in an area very few people had explored in brewing before. Wibby Brewing was founded with the intention to exclusively brew craft lagers that are innovative and unique yet bare a traditional soul.  



Ryan teamed with his great friend and fellow Ithaca College alum, Ted Risk, to start their very own craft brewery. He is a salesman master and has many skills that are needed to operate a growing business. For many years after college he had been managing a health club in Chicago but had a reverence for craft beer. Ted's ability to make everyone smile and want to be a part of the fun is key for Wibby Brewing. Together, Ryan and Ted have both the passion and experience needed to make Wibby Brewing successful.  

Photo by  Silky Shots

Photo by Silky Shots

After 2 years of writing a business plan, raising capital, and scouting a location, Wibby Brewing opened its doors Labor Day Weekend 2015 at 209 Emery St in Longmont, Colo. The brewery and taproom are situated on the former truck maintenance facility of the historic Butterball Turkey plant. The renovation of this industrial building has brought new life to a part of town, which was formerly seen as an eye sore. The light-saturated building accompanied by lots of outdoor space has allowed Wibby Brewing to host several noteworthy beer festivals on its own premises. Wibby Brewing has become a significant community partner as we host and raise funds for several local charities throughout Boulder County all the while converting many ale drinkers to the Wibby craft lager revolution!


Craft Lagers Are On The Rise.


Ryan developed a knack for lagers while studying in Germany and realized that the United States was in serious need of a Lager Revolution. The lager brewing process is quite different from what most people are used to — lagers take longer to brew and must be kept at colder temperatures, part of the reason why you see more ales on the shelves. Most of our lagers take 28 days from start to finish (patience is a virtue!) and are made with German malt and American hops.

Our lagering tanks are named after the 27 Club: Jim Morrison, Pigpen (original drummer of Grateful Dead), Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Fat Pat, and Linda Jones.

Our lagering tanks are named after the 27 Club: Jim Morrison, Pigpen (original drummer of Grateful Dead), Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Kurt Cobain, Amy Winehouse, Fat Pat, and Linda Jones.

Once brewed, they ferment for two weeks in our 30-barrel fermenters and condition for two to three weeks in our horizontal 30-barrel lagering tanks. The horizontal tanks eliminate our need to filter the beer, as the yeast and other solids have more time and less distance to travel to the bottom of the tank.

We are on track to brew 4,800 barrels of beer in 2018. Last year, we exceeded our projections and hit 2,700. We brewed 1,700 in our first year of production.

Our fermenters are named Respect, Happiness, Compassion, Hope, Love, Peace, Inspiration and Perseverance.

Our fermenters are named Respect, Happiness, Compassion, Hope, Love, Peace, Inspiration and Perseverance.

Lagers can hit any flavor profile that an ale can, though a lager will tend to have a cleaner, crisper finish due to the cold temperatures and long maturation times. Come see for yourself and taste the lager rainbow!

Inspiration and Perseverance.

Inspiration and Perseverance.



Meet Our Lager Family!

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Ryan Wibby
President | Brewmaster
Boulder, Colorado

Robin Wibby
Strategist | Special Projects + Events
Seattle, Washington

Kathy Carl
St. Louis, Missouri

Ryan Christner
Head Brewer
Iowa City, Iowa

Andy Riedel
Asst. Taproom Mgr. | Graphic Designer
Aurora, Colorado

Jeannine Heinbuch
Beertender | Game Show Host
Aurora, Colorado

Hailee Grisham
Littleton, New Hampshire


Jay See
Ft Collins, Colorado

Rich Price
Packaging Assistant
Golden, Colorado

Matt Collins
Delivery Driver | Packaging Assistant
Seal Beach, California


Ted Risk
Co-founder | Director of Sales
Northbrook, Illinois

Jack Nagle
Brewery Representative
Washington, D.C.

Amber Smith
Accounting Assistant | Food Trucks
Des Moines, Iowa

Paul Kascmar
Assistant Brewer | Sensory Mgr.
Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Chris Pinns
Beertender | Private Events + Reservations
Norcross, Georgia

Chris Crowe
Cheyenne, Wyoming


Cam Leibin
Cheyenne, Wyoming


Megan Veitz
Bismarck, North Dakota

Will Kropp
Delivery Driver
Los Gatos, California