Wibby Brewing crafts American influenced, German style lagers in Longmont, CO.


Using traditional German brewing methods, Wibby Brewing's craft lagers are brewed with malted German barley and American hops. These brews are then cold fermented with genuine lager yeast. The tasteful result of this combination is a collection of unique American lagers that few breweries in the craft beer community have chosen to explore.


Cans of our Lightshine Helles and Wibby IPL are available in our taproom.

List of other locations coming soon!


Brewmaster Ryan Wibby has crafted three year-round lagers you're sure to enjoy. 


wibby ipl


A hop head red lager with a smooth malt finish & a pungent, citrusy hop aroma. Wibby’s smoother version of your favorite IPA.

7% ABV 76 IBUs

moondooR Dunkel


Supple & crisp, this delectable dark lager has a medium body which starts with a chocolate roast and ends with ordering it again.

5.5% ABV 25 IBUs

lightshine helles

This light, sweet finishing, Bavarian influenced lager will keep you on Wibby Brewing’s patio thirty minutes after you meant to be home from work.

5.5% ABV  22 IBUs

Seasonal lagers


Doppelspitzen Doppelbock - Dark, malty lager named after the Twin Peaks. 8.9% ABV  23 IBUs

Hop Rain Pale Lager - Medium-bodied pale lager that is hoppy and refreshing.
6% ABV 45 IBUs

Downtown Hop - A hoppy helles bock collaboration with Sample's World Bistro in Longmont.
7.25% ABV 35 IBUs

Saul the Sticke Alt - A dark and toasty altbier that was brewed with ale yeast using the lager process. A limited edition collaboration with Left Hand Brewing Company!
7% ABV 38 IBUs

Feel the Bern'd Almond Vienna - A vienna style lager brewed with toasted almonds. Medium bodied and refreshingly malty.
5.5% ABV 30 IBUs



Schwibby Schwarzbier - *Chosen as Food & Wine Magazine's Colorado representative in their "50 Lagers from 50 States" feature.* A black lager brewed with roasted oats in a local pizza oven (Rosalee's) with a bitter & creamy mouthfeel. 5.5% ABV

Mikenbock - A golden weizenbock with ripe banana, hints of spice & an assertive bitterness adding balance to a traditionally sweet beer. Another limited edition release with Left Hand Brewing Company!
9.3% ABV

Double Dunkel - Made with 79 pounds of chocolate and lagered on Madagascar vanilla beans.
7.5% ABV 32 IBUs


On tap locations


Find us on tap at these local spots (bold font indicated multiple taps):


  • Fox Hill Country Club & Grille: Lightshine Helles
  • Rosalee’s Pizzeria: Moondoor Dunkel (Past: Lightshine Helles, Wibby IPL, Schwibby Schwarzbier, Hop Rain Pale Lager)
  • Mike O'Shays: Wibby IPL, Lightshine Helles
  • Parry's Pizzeria & Bar: Lightshine Helles
  • GoodBird Kitchen: Feel the Bern'd Almond Vienna (Past: Moondoor Dunkel, Wibby IPL)
  • Flavor of India: Lightshine Helles
  • Comida Cantina: Wibby IPL (Past: Hop Rain Pale Lager, Moondoor Dunkel)
  • 2020 Food and Wine Bar: Lightshine Helles (Past: Wibby IPL)
  • Sun Rose Cafe: Lightshine Helles (Past: Hop Rain Pale Lager, Moondoor Dunkel)
  • The Rib House: Wibby IPL, Lightshine Helles
  • The Roost: Wibby IPL (on the rooftop too!), On Deck: Hop Rain Pale Lager (Past: Lightshine Helles, Dopplespitzen Dopplebock, Eis-Eis-Wibby Eisbock, Wibtoberfest)
  • House of Q BBQ: Lightshine Helles, Hop Rain Pale Lager.  (Past: Double Dunkel, Schwibby Schwarzbier- voted Colorado's best lager by Food and Wine Magazine!)
  • Dizzy Family Fun Center: Moondoor Dunkel, In cans: Lightshine Helles, Moondoor Dunkel
  • Sample’s World Bistro: The Downtown Hop, Lightshine Helles, RUMplespitzen Dopplebock, Double Dunkel, Moondoor Dunkel (Past: Wibby IPL, Schwibby Schwarzbier, Wibtoberfest, Hop Rain Pale Lager)
  • Dickens Opera House: Lightshine Helles (Past: Wibby IPL) 
  • Old Chicago: Wibby IPL (Past: Lightshine Helles, Moondoor Dunkel)
  • Chuburger: Double Dunkel (Past: Moondoor Dunkel, Lightshine Helles)
  • Cyclhops: Lightshine Helles (Past: Moondoor Dunkel)
  • Sugarbeet: Lightshine Helles
  • Oskar Blues Homemade Liquids and Solids: (Past: Double Dunkel, Wibby IPL, Hop Rain Pale Lager)
  • Shoes & Brews: Feel the Bern'd Almond Lager (Past: Double Dunkel, Wibby IPL, Lightshine Helles)
  • Long’s Peak Pub: Feel the Bern'd Almond Lager (Past: Moondoor Dunkel)
  • Fuzzy's Taco Shop: On Deck: Wibby IPL



    • Harpos: On deck: Wibby IPL
    • World of Beer: On deck: Double Dunkel, Lightshine Helles
    • The Sink: Lightshine Helles
    • The Boulder Cork: Lightshine Helles
    • Murphy's (on Iris): Lightshine Helles
    • Backcountry Pizza and Taphouse: Lightshine Helles, RUMplespitzen Dopplebock, Wibby IPL, Feel the Bern'd Vienna Lager, Moondoor Dunkel
    • Bohemian Biergarten: Wibby Helles Bock (Past: Double Dunkel)
    • Boulder Country Club: Lightshine Helles (Past: Wibby IPL, Wibtoberfest, Double Dunkel, Moondoor Dunkel) 
    • The West End Tavern: (Past: Double Dunkel, Schwibby Schwarzbier)
    • The Dark Horse: Moondoor Dunkel (Past: Lightshine Helles)

    Don't see us at your favorite Boulder spot? Ask for us and let us know and we'll try to make it happen for you!


    • Smokin' Dave's BBQ: Moondoor Dunkel (Past: Wibby IPL, Hop Rain Pale Lager)
    • Farmer Girl: Wibby IPL, Cans: Lightshine Helles
    • Pizza Bar 66: (Past: Lightshine Helles, Double Dunkel, Wibby IPL)
    • Ax & Oar: Wibby IPL (Past: Lightshine Helles)
    • Lyons Fork: (Past: Moondoor Dunkel)


    • Lucky Pie: On Deck: Wibby IPL, Lightshine Helles, Feel the Bern'd Almond Vienna (Past: Wibby IPL, Moondoor Dunkel)
    • Lulu's BBQ: On Deck: Pint night, Thursday, May 12th! Wibby IPL, Lightshine Helles, Feel the Bern'd Almond Vienna (Past: Moondoor Dunkel, Wibby IPL)
    • Murphy's Taphouse: Moondoor Dunkel


    • Georgia Boys Smokehouse: Lightshine Helles, Wibby IPL (Past: Moondoor Dunkel, Wibtoberfest)
    • Peel Pizzeria: Feel the Bern'd Almond Vienna (Past: Lightshine Helles, Moondoor Dunkel, Hop Rain Pale Lager, Double Dunkel)
    • Savory Grille and Pub: Wibby IPL, Double Dunkel, On deck: Lightshine Helles


    • The Federal Bar and Grill, Denver: Saul the Sticke Alt, (Past: Lightshine Helles)
    • Harman's Eat & Drink, Denver: Lightshine Helles (Past: Wibby IPL, Double Dunkel) 
    • The Pint Room, Littleton: (Past: Wibby IPL, Dopplespitzen Dopplebock, Double Dunkel, Lightshine Helles)
    • World of Beer, Cherry Creek: RUMplespitzen Dopplebock- a Rum Barrel Aged Dopplebock


    • Niwot Tavern, Niwot: Lightshine Helles (Past: Wibby IPL)
    • Powder Keg Brewing Company, Niwot: Lightshine Helles, (Past: Moondoor Dunkel, Double Dunkel, Feel the Bern'd Almond Vienna)
    • Periodic Brewing, Leadville: (Past: Hop Rain Pale Lager, Schwibby Schwarbier, Double Dunkel, Wibby IPL)
    • Twenty Brew Taphouse, Westminster (Past: Hop Rain Pale Lager, Wibby IPL, Wibtoberfest)

    Feel the bern'd almond vienna -

    vienna 5.5%ABV 30 IBUs

    This is a vienna style lager brewed with toasted almonds. Medium bodied and refreshingly malty.


    Saul the Stick Alt -

    Altbier 7% ABV  38 IBus

    Saul is a collaboration with Left Hand Brewing Company. An altbier ale brewed as if it were a lager. Nice and toasty! This limited release is only available at Wibby and Left Hand.